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Airbus Crisa

Airbus Crisa


In charge of power processing unit 

Airbus Crisa is a Spanish company founded in 1985 to design and manufacture electronic equipment, systems and software for space applications. Being a legally independent company that employs over 500 highly qualified personnel, it is integrated within the Space Products organization of the Airbus Defence and Space, Space Systems division.

Airbus Crisa has a strong reputation as a high technology firm in Space (avionics for satellites, launchers and space vehicles) and Ground Segment both in civil and defence applications contributing to most of the European Space Agency (ESA) programmes as well as to most national programs. Airbus Crisa is also active in the international space equipment market providing solutions and products to most space prime contractor organizations. Since 2004, Airbus Crisa has been also collaborating with NASA and the Spanish Astrobiology Centre for Mars exploration missions. 


Airbus Crisa

P.T, Calle de Torres Quevedo, 9,

28760 Tres Cantos,

Madrid, Spain

Giesepp MP team map

Partner's expertise and competences within this project​


H2020 project GIESEPP MP

Luis Villacieros

Project Manager at Programs and Operations COO in AIRBUS Crisa

Luis started his professional career as stress engineer in the aircraft
manufacturing industry and he has been working in the aerospace sector
for over 15 years. From 2016, he has been working with space electronic
equipment as project manager, mainly focused in PPUs developments and
launchers electronic equipment. Luis is managing the GIESEPP-MP PPU
development of the project at AIRBUS Crisa.


Javier Torres

The technical manager for the PPU of GIESEPP-MP

He has been working in the development of power electronics products for over 10 years, with more than 5 years dedicated to space applications. He has been involved in major projects as Eurofighter, Orion MPCV or METOP-SG. He has specialized in Power Processing Units for electric propulsion and has been working as technical authority of the PPU for the first phase of GIESEPP.