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QUIZ – electric propulsion


Check your expertise in electric propulsion & learn new facts about Horizon 2020 project GIESEPP MP.

Watch the video and answer 12 questions.

Even though prize chasing is over and the quiz winners have been announced, you can still test your knowledge and learn something new!

How many of these questions can you answer correctly?

Watch the video!

Answer questions

#1. What would be the two major aspects that guide the selection of an orbital propulsion system for one application?

#2. What is a typically completely different requirement of an EP system for a GEO platform compared to a LEO platform?

#3. What is today much more in focus of a modern propulsion system than it used to be in the past?

#4. What is the ratio between Full Electric, hybrid and Full Chemical propulsion in average for Starlink, One Web and Telesat constellations?

#5. What are the two main stages where electric propulsion are commonly used on S/C?

#6. What are the 5 main parameters to size the number of thrusters for a telecom S/C?

#7. What are the main advantages of RIT 2X compared to Hall Effect Thruster?

#8. Why do the cryopumps, in contrast to e.g. turbomolecular pumps, have to be switched off and warmed up at regular intervals during tests with radio-frequency ion thrusters?

#9. Which of the following plasma properties can be determined with the help of a near-field Faraday probe?

#10. Why do charge exchange processes play a key role in modelling grid erosion?

#11. What are the most relevant functions of a PPU in an EPS?

#12. From an industrialization point of view, what is the most critical aspect of a PPU?




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