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Project coordination and thruster unit engineering

ArianeGroup develops and supplies innovative and competitive solutions for civil and military space launchers. As lead contractor for the European Ariane 5 and Ariane 6 launcher families, as well as for the French oceanic deterrent force’s missiles and most innovative satellite equipment and subsystems. ArianeGroup is a joint venture equally owned by Airbus Defence and Space and Safran.

The staffs in charge of the proposal consist of experts in project management, marketing and engineering of space and orbital propulsion.

ArianeGroup is a leading manufacturer of orbital propulsion systems and components for spacecraft (S/C). Some 400+ S/C were equipped with ArianeGroup propulsion systems to date. ArianeGroup’s chemical, electrical and hybrid solutions cover the full orbital propulsion spectrum.

ArianeGroup GmbH

Orbital Propulsion

Robert-Koch-Straße 1

82024 Taufkirchen


Giesepp MP team map

Partner's expertise and competences within this project​


Project manager at Giesepp MP

Christian Knorr

ArianeGroup Project Manager & GIESEPP MP Consortium

Christian started his career in the space industry for manned space activities around the Internal Space Station (ISS). With experience and positions as software and electrical systems engineer he made his way into project and programme management at ArianeGroup working as programme manager in European ESA funded programmes as well as German national development programmes. He is programme manager at ArianeGroup for electrical propulsion projects.

Dr. Bernd Pfeiffer GIESEPP MP

Dr. Bernd Pfeiffer

Design Lead

Responsible Designer for Arclight Thruster and ESS Assembly Work package Responsibility for the RIT2X Ion Thruster Team leader of Design Office.

Awards: DGLR-Lectureship Award at German Air and Spacecraft conference in Stuttgart; 2002 DGLR-2002-238 session space propulsion.

The First European Plug and Play Gridded Ion Engine Standardised Electric Propulsion Platform

Christoph Montag

RIT-2X System Engineer

After completing his doctoral thesis on the development of the PETRUS pulsed plasma thruster system, which is successfully operated on board the GreenCube satellite since 2022, he joined ArianeGroup in 2020. As RIT-2X system engineer, Christoph is responsible for technical RIT2X topics within the GIESEPP MP project. In addition, he is a technical product manager for Radio Frequency Generators (RFGs) at AGG which is one of the components of the RIT-2X thruster system.

GIESEPP MP The highest efficiency in every mission.

Pilar Valles

Test Engineer

M.Sc. Aerospace Engineering, University of Stuttgart
Pilar Valles has already been working for more than 3 years at Ariane Group as development and test engineer in the electric propulsion area, in particular, for the qualification campaign of the RIT2X Neutraliser. He has an extensive experience in other test and qualification campaigns such as the Shape Memory Alloy NC valve.