Horizon 2020 project GIESEPP MP launches a quiz

Giesepp MP Quiz

Horizon 2020 project GIESEPP MP consortia launched a quiz to raise awareness about the project and provide interested parties with information about the team’s latest developments, technologies and testing process. 

Giesepp mp project

“The aim is to provide information engagingly and to create links between the information that the interest parties already know and the information that might be new for them,” Christian Knorr, ArianeGroup, project GIESEPP MP coordinator.


At the beginning of the quiz, participants can watch 7 minutes long video, where partners provide information about the tasks and technologies they are responsible for within the project. Then participants can answer 12 questions prepared by the experts of each participating organisation. Our project team members explain some of the answers in the video. Still, some of the answers to the questions participants can find online, or they might already know them from their experience or studies at university. 


GIESEPP MP partners have prepared lovely gifts to motivate people to participate in this quiz – for example, T-shirts, cups, bottles, bag and pens. 



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