Project GIESEPP MP 2nd review meeting

Horizon 2020 project GIESEPP MP 2nd review meeting took place on 27th of July in Madrid, Spain, in the premises of project partner Airbus Crisa. The heatwave in Spain was not an issue for the GIESEPP MP team to discuss the hot topics on the project’s achievements and the way forward.

The Horizon 2020 project GIESEPP MP started on January 2021, when various restrictions due to COVID-19 took place around Europe, and travelling or any other gathering was impossible. Thus, this was the first project review meeting where the project partners could meet and discuss the project implementation and advancements in person.

Despite a tight schedule, the team also used this opportunity to produce various materials for communication purposes, such as videos and photos.

H2020 project

The project GIESEPP MP team is looking forward to achieving the goals and implementing all the tasks discussed and set during the project review meeting.

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